Exercise Training

Exercise Therapy

Using specific stylized movements to improve the way the body functions. It focuses on moving the body and its different parts to relieve symptoms and improve mobility – and of course levels of fitness. You can use exercise therapy for the prevention and management of pain and along the way, get to know your body. Therapeutic exercise options are often recommended for injury prevention and rehabilitation, and can also be used to address faulty movement patterns that may have been the cause of an injury.

Personal Training

Personal fitness trainers instruct individuals about exercise activities that improve strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Focusing on Fat loss, strength building or whatever goals out clients have! 4 clients to 1 trainer.

Sports to Training

Much like personal training our trainers design customized programs that are sports specific. We focus on foundation improvement such as: speed, power, agility, mobility, strength, stamina, etc.

Youth Training

ALL AGES Welcome. West Coast Sports and Fitness Center Foundation is here to make changes with Youth Fitness! Weight Loss, Sports Training or overall conditioning we have a program just for you! By signing your son/daughter/athlete through our foundation you are eligible to receive *tax deductions (consult tax advisor)