Professional Body Fat Testing

Using INBODY230 technology- get a complete fitness report on: Bone, Organ, Muscle, and Fat Weight with advice to go with it!


Contra–Indications to testing with InBody
Anyone who has an implantable electrical device such as Pacemaker, Defibrillator, Nerve Stimulator, or women within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy are NOT recommended to use the device.

Things to keep in mind for the accurate measurement with InBody 230
  1. Preferably the test should be carried out on an empty stomach & bladder
  2. Testing should be carried out before exercise.
  3. Testing should not be carried out after a shower or using a sauna as sweat & heat causes a temporary change in conductivity within the body
  4. Subsequent testing should be carried out under similar conditions. (i.e. similar clothing, testing time , before eating or exercising etc.)
  5. Height needs to be inputted accurately as it will affect the measurement.
  6. Arms need to be away from the side of the body. Not touching body
Age Range 3 years to 99 years

Weight Range 10 to 250 kg ( max 39.5 stone )